We Beat the Weather (sort of) and made it to Quartzsite!

Blew into Quartzsite on the wind... seriously

We blew into Quartzsite on the wind… seriously… like tumbleweeds

Well, thankfully even with the couple of turn-a-rounds trying to get out of Reno, we managed to beat the storm front that had been moving into the area… bringing with it single digit temps and more snow.

Skies weren't looking very friendly when we headed out of Reno

Skies weren’t looking very friendly when we headed out of Reno

We managed to hit the road Friday morning and even though the skies were threatening severe weather and Mr. G. was getting inclement weather notifications on his phone as we drove, we managed to get to Quartzsite in the early afternoon on Saturday.

On the way the weather was still threatening when we reached Lake Walker in Mineral, NV. It was the first time I had seen signs for a beach though, so I still thought it was pretty… less than stellar weather and all.

Along the 20 Mile Beach area at Lake Walker

Along the 20 Mile Beach area at Lake Walker

We were happy to see the lights of Las Vegas. Usually we would have spent the night at The Oasis RV Park to get some sleep. But, even though the clouds had cleared, the front was right on our tail. With a deep freeze warning for Sin City coming up on our weather alert system we kept going.

Hello lights of Vegas... Goodbye lights of Vegas...

Hello lights of Vegas… Goodbye lights of Vegas…

We did finally stop after midnight to get gas at the Pilot Travel Center at the I-40 & 95 intersection in Lake Havasu City. We decided to get a few hours sleep while we were there. Even though it was only about 38 degrees in the H.O.W. we slept like rocks for a good 6 hours.

Feeling well rested and ready to get to warmer weather we made a beeline straight for Quartzsite. No stops at Lake Havasu or along the Colorado River. We were hoping to check out The Pirate’s Den on the advice of Ingrid at Live Laugh RV (Her blog is amazing by the way. So if you haven’t checked it out yet click on over there :-))  but we decided to just keep on trucking.

Like I said, when we reached Quartzsite it felt like we really did get blown into town like a tumbleweed. The winds were whipping at a good 30 mph or better. Seeing as this was our first time in “Q” we decided to spend our first night at an RV park. We chose Park Place RV and the place was great. We were only there overnight to fill our holding tank, charge our batteries, get a feel for the area and a good night’s sleep. But in the short time we were there everyone we saw at the park was friendly and sociable and the park itself was very clean. Even in the crazy wind!

After scoping things out, we decided to try a spot in one of the 14 day free areas on Dome Rock Road. So far we love it! It’s peaceful, secluded (for now) and the sunsets are amazing!

Beautiful sunset at our site on Dome Rock Rd, Quartzsite

Beautiful sunset at our site on Dome Rock Rd, Quartzsite

I will say that although we beat the snow and only had one day of nasty wind, it was pretty chilly the first couple of days we were here!

Mr. G is just a tad bit chilly!!

Mr. G is just a tad bit chilly!!

But the chill in the air was certainly better than snow on the ground! On one of the colder evenings we had our first campfire in almost a year. We even decided to make aluminum foil pouches filled with leftovers from dinner the day before (smoked pork loin & tortellini alfredo) and heated them in the fire. It was delicious! There is something so soothing about sitting by a campfire with a nice hot cup of hot cocoa and just relaxing.

Cheers! Hot cocoa with a little shot of Rumplemintz... yummy!

Cheers! Hot cocoa with a little shot of Rumplemintz… yummy!

Thankfully, it seems like the temperatures are changing for the better and things are warming up. It’s awesome to be able to go from four layers of clothing to a t-shirt and flip-flops!

We survived our first week in "Q"!!   Cheers :-)

We survived our first week in “Q”!! Cheers :-)

This is our first “long-term” attempt at boondocking so I’m not sure how long we’ll be able to go with our tanks. So far we are one week in. I’ll keep you posted on how long we end up going without having to dump and replenish our tanks.

Guess that’s all for now. As always, thanks for stopping by 🙂



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