A Christmas Miracle!

A Christmas Miracle… of sorts 😉

use me

Okay, maybe calling it a miracle is a stretch, but I’ve been trying to fix this SNAFU for so long now it certainly seems like one!

I’m almost afraid to post this because whenever I think I’ve gotten things all figured out something else goes awry. But, tis the season to believe in miracles… so, here goes –

I’ve managed to fix my bad link issue in the “Follow Us” button…  Woo Hoo!!!

It looks like it was a problem with the JetPack plug-in. I’m not knocking the plug-in here. I’m sure it was something I did wrong during the export/import process when I transferred my site from WordPress.com over to self hosting. At any rate, I’ve done several test runs and everything seems to be in tip-top shape. Fwew!

The reason for this post is to let followers know that when removing and then re-installing the JetPack plug-in you may now have a defunct subscription. If this is the case, please take a moment to enter your email address in the box and then re-click my “Follow Us” button when you get a chance. It’s located on This Page just bellow my profile in the side bar.

Thanks so much to everyone following us along on this crazy adventure we call life! 🙂

P.S. – You’ll never guess where we’re heading for Christmas…

Hint – It’s about 150 miles from where we are today 🙂

That’s all for now. As always, thanks for stopping by!



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2 thoughts on “A Christmas Miracle!

    • Holy Moly… I hope so! Did you follow through the “+follow” on the top tool bar in WordPress or enter your email address and then click the “Follow Us” button. If you did the latter you should have gotten an email to confirm.

      I really hope it’s all good now. Thanks for taking the time to re-follow and letting me know!

      Merry Christmas!

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