Day Night Pleated Shades … Quick Fix Kit

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I’ve read about how finicky day night pleated shades are in a couple of blogs over the past few years. So, when we got them in our new home they didn’t give us any warm fuzzies. But with limited time, not to  mention extra funds right after we picked up our new HOW, changing out our window dressings wasn’t an option. Although at some point, we would like to go with MCD shades. (Here’s a great post on how to do an MCD installation from the folks at Wheeling It.

One of the biggest problems with the standard pleated shades, once you get past the fact that they’re not all that swanky, is that they tend to be easily dented and the string system that makes them work is fairly delicate so it’s easy to break it. Plus, if you have a little OCD issue, and the pleats aren’t exactly level on all windows, it can be distracting to say the least. We have 17 of them to drive me bonkers. LoL In order to make sure they are all uniform you need to adjust the tension on the string … and the more you play with the string … the more likely it is to break. So yes, that’s what happened a few weeks ago. 🙁

I won’t say who snapped the string using brute force  … but this pic says it all. LoL

Why the heck am I doing this???

“Why the heck am the one doing this???”

Ha! Clearly, because I have absolutely no ability to follow directions! Thankfully it was a very quick, easy and cheap fix. We found a Pleated Shade First Aid Kit
on Amazon and it only took him about a half an hour to get it re-strung and back up. 😀

on the ground with blind

Joe at the windowWhile I didn’t participate in the project, other than to provide directions over his shoulder moral support I did make him a nice healthy dinner to say thanks. What? A pint every now and then is healthy. LoL


Do you have a broken or sloppy pleated day night shade that needs fixing? Here’s the link to the first aid kit we used.

We have enough cord left to re-string one more blind. My theory is that if we have a back-up on hand we won’t need it. But, any bets on how long it will be before we need it?


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6 thoughts on “Day Night Pleated Shades … Quick Fix Kit

  1. Wow. Gotta say Mr.G is looking gooood. Has he been doing what you have? Whatever it is it is working!

    • Doesn’t he look great?!? Yes, we’re on the same fitness journey and drinking Shakeology daily and loving it! We still haven’t given up our beer and wine entirely though. Yeeesh – scary thought! LoL

  2. Half an hour, you say? Well, that might just be the motivation I need to fix the little, single-string dual-shade in our bedroom…. Yep, I’ve heard the horror stories too and they haven’t help me feel at all courageous about tackling this job. I’m not even sure the string is what’s broken — one of the plastic doo-hickeys that anchors the shade at the bottom broke apart, so maybe there’s hope for me yet 🙂

    And I have to agree about the OCD issue…. seems all shades warp at some point…. 🙁

    Great post and motivation!

    • You’ve got this Ellen! No worries. Joe told me to let you know the little plastic doo-hickey things come in that First Aid Fix Kit too. Also, if you melt the ends of the string with a flame, threading it through the holes is a breeze. Good luck! 🙂

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