Pass the Corn Please … Pics from Iowa

We’ve been spending the past month or so with the children … parents … pets … of the corn.


Yes, we’re in the great state of Iowa where you just can’t help but  pass the corn! 😀

This is the first time we’ve spent any real time here and with the exception of the severe weather a few times, it’s been a great stay! I think there must be some law on the books that says homeowners must maintain their lawns with tweezers. No lie. I’ve never seen so many meticulously landscaped lawns. Nice to see, but also reminds us of how nice it is not to have to maintain a lawn anymore! LoL

Iowa cornfields

Iowa cornfields

Iowa is probably one of the prettiest states where we’ve spent a decent amount of time. From rural farms to county lakes we are really enjoying our time here. I thought I’d share a few pic from the past month or so. I do have two RV park reviews to post here shortly. Hopefully once we get to a better internet service area. But until then, here are a few random pics of the Hawkeye State …









20140819_17123720140824_20052220140821_13350120140908_14013720140908_140713Well, I guess that’s about all for now. We should be moving to a new site this weekend. Hopefully our Verizon reception will be better! 🙂

20140831_180155 ~Cheers~

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5 thoughts on “Pass the Corn Please … Pics from Iowa

  1. Beautiful pics! We were in Iowa once a few years ago on a bike trip and the town we were staying in had a tractor rally! It was insane, tractors of all shapes, sizes and colors, and they actually did a “ride” which was a prescribed route out of town, very scenic, and then looped back to their meeting place. It was a hoot. I should find those pics and do a blog post. 🙂

  2. Dont know that we have ever been to Iowa. Maybe we went through it and didnt notice. Thanks for enlightening us. Hope you corn cobs have a good time. Go easy, eh? Sista

    • Thanks Lisa! Hope all is well in New England and you guys are getting ready to enjoy the awesome foliage!

  3. We just missed each other by about a month, I think, Wendy! If your travels take you near Kalona you should spend a day or two! I blogged about our visit there here:

    And though I wouldn’t call Riverside a destination town, it’s up the road from Kalona and worth a drive-through. When else will you get to visit the future birthplace of Capt. James T Kirk?!?

    I agree about those meticulous lawns! And the farms — so tidy!

    • No way! Small world. I’ll have to look up Kalona. We just moved up from Waukee to Allison for the next job. So we went from the suburbia of West Des Moines back to rural farm land. 🙂 Life is good!

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