Black Bear Cove RV Resort

While we were in Tennessee we stayed at Black Bear Cove RV Resort in Benton. The town is located in the south-eastern part of the state and situated on the Hiawassee River, and very close to the Ocoee River.

Both rivers have some great white water rafting opportunities, offering class III and IV rapids. The Ocoee also has a USA Olympic whitewater training section open to the public. While we were there Mr. Gibberish and son braved the rapids, I picked a quiet spot by the Hiawassee and read for the afternoon. It  was very peaceful.

Perfect spot for quiet time with a good book or an empty notebook waiting for the words to come

I wasn’t the only one to take advantage of the river when it wasn’t raging. The boys plopped into the tubes almost every afternoon. Ahh… nothing like a nice lazy float downstream.

You sure you don't want to come? No thanks, I have a nice chilled bottle of wine waiting for me at home. Take your time ;-)

Rolling on the river...

The amenities at the park are fairly new and nicely maintained. The park itself is set a good 1/3 of a miles off a windy side road so it is very quiet. There is a lodge and dining/catering facility of the property, however is was closed while we were there.

I wasn’t a total slug or wimp the entire time we were in laid back Tennessee. I did get up enough nerve to go zip lining with the boys at Ruby Falls in Chattanooga. It was a total blast! I’m so glad the boys prodded me along to finish each of the obstacles. Some of them were scary as heck, but that sense of accomplishment I felt after finishing was well worth the anxiety.

Woohoo! I made it through and survived!

Great memories :-)

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