Saratoga Resort and Spa & Snowy Mountain Brewery

Laptop Udate – My laptop has been in the shop for a week and a half now. 🙁 The bad news is it could take three weeks or more. Apparently he’s cloning my hard drive. I don’t know anything about the process but it seems like an awfully long time. Right?

Anyway, the good news is he thinks at the very least he’ll be able to get my data on a new drive for me. So, even if the motherboard is shot I’ll still have my data. But at that point I’ll still need to buy a new laptop.  I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that the hard drive is the only problem.

I’ve found I really don’t like working on Mr. G’s laptop. Hence no posts recently. 🙁

But sitting here at the laundromat I came across a few pics from a trip we took a couple weeks ago and I thought I’d share using my phone.

The weather wasn’t all that great that weekend but we decided to take a cruise down to Saratoga,  WY anyway. You might think we were headed to the hot springs,  but no.

In our quest to fill in our little blue Beer Travel Passport we made our way out to the Snowy Mountain Brewery.


The place was beautiful and thankfully not at all pretentious. We had lunch at the pub with the brew room visible behind the bar.


I know it’s not a great shot but you can just barely see the brew room behind the tap pulls.

The atmosphere is the pub was decidedly sports themed. I was surprised to see it wasn’t all Wyoming or Colorado based.


Yep, that’s New England’s own Tom Brady folks.

While the vibe in the pub was comfy and fun …


With cool seating options …


… we didn’t spend the entire afternoon bellied up to the bar. Shocking, I know.

After lunch, a bison burger for Mr. G and a black angus burger for me, we headed over to the game room.


It appeared I was in for my first chess lesson.


As you can see below, the teacher let the student win. Perhaps to build confidence only to snatch it away on the next go round.


With my head swimming with too much planning and strategy,  we decided to move over and just relax for a bit before heading home.


Cool moose on wheels …


Rodeo anyone … ?


Awesome growlers to go …


Which reminds me … the beer! It was fabulous! We both started out with the Honey Badger Ale.


After that Mr. G. had a High Altitude Hellas, not bad, and I had the Chocolate Meltdown Porter, deee-lish! Dessert in a mug folks. 🙂 You can see the porter and Hellas in the chess pics above.

The Saratoga Resort and Spa was voted one if the top ten beer American Luxery Beer Vacations by CNN Travel and it’s easy to see why. Everything from the service and ambiance to the food and brew was fabulous.

The Saratoga Resort & Spa and Snowy Mountain Brewery was the perfect combination of luxury lodge and playful pub. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to get back and experience the spa before we leave. Or maybe rent a couple of quads for the day …


or maybe just sit and relax on the front porch sipping a micro-brew.


Guess that’s all for now.  Check back soon for pics from our next weekend getaway. 

Hint – If I considered The Saratoga Resort and Spa luxury lodge-like the only way I could describe the next place would be  “American Hustle”. I’m talking straight out of the 70’s! 🙂 LoL

~Cheers ~

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7 thoughts on “Saratoga Resort and Spa & Snowy Mountain Brewery

    • It was fabulous! I’ve never been a craft beer drinker mysef. But we’ve come across so many microbreweries in our travels we decided to make it a hobby. LoL It works out great because the beers are usually fairly heavy so I can only have one … or two. 😉

  1. Nice. I would def love that porter! You know that would be my kinda place. Also with Tom Brady in the house how can you go wrong. 😉

  2. Wendy, that looks like my kinda place! I am mostly a wine drinker, but a place like that could get me to enjoy a couple of brews! And I LOVE that bar stool! 😀

    • It really was a comfy and relaxing place. Perfect for the rainy day we were having. Aren’t the stools a hoot! The last time we saw awesome bar stools was at The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson, Wyoming. They have a whole line of real saddles for stools! I guess there it’s Giddy-up to the bar instead of belly-up. 😉

      • Oh yes, Jackson is another place that I LOVE. I really am drawn to the rustic, cowboy kind of charm. So many places to see and experience! 🙂

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