Seattle RV Show… Snooze Fest

Heading to the Seattle RV Show - February 2014

Heading to the Seattle RV Show – February 2014

I was hoping to have a great post for today recapping the Seattle RV Show we attended on Saturday, but honestly it was just kind of blah, IMHO of course. The show did have a good number of RV’s on display and a couple of things we hadn’t seen in the industry before. But there was just no pizzazz.

Seattle RV Show, Century Link Field Event Center February 2014

Seattle RV Show, Century Link Field Event Center February 2014

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that besides a handful units set up outside, the show was held inside the event center. Naturally it needed to be given the weather in Seattle this time of year, but I think an RV show loses something when it’s held indoor.  I had the same feeling when we attended a show a few years ago at the Civic Center in  Hartford, CT. It’s too close for comfort for me and things seem forced upon you.

I guess I was expecting to see and feel the same kind of energy we found at California RV Show we went to at the Fairplex in Pomona this past October. Now that was a show!  In addition to many more RV manufacturers, there were oodles of vendors, selling products one could actually use – like wood fired smokers, holding tank odor solutions, flag poles, outdoor kitchen equipment, and the list went on and on. And yes, there were great food and cocktail vendors.

The best this show had to offer (once you got past the charlatans hawking what resembled iPod inspired shocking devices, homeopathic propane grill igniters, magnets and glass beads, all in the name of instant pain relief) was a decent looking knife booth and pots & pan demonstration. Harsh, but true.

So, here’s what did catch my eye –

How cute is this little retro camper?!?

It looks like a child's toy, adorable!

It looks like a child’s toy, adorable!

And there was the slide-out with a cathedral ceiling look –

Cool, but sure if I like it.

Cool, but not sure if I like it.

That’s it. Yes, really.

I did find the sports complex pretty awesome!

There is a very nice tribute to high school football prominently displayed inside the event center that gave me warm fuzzies. I’m sure the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl last weekend may have added to the tingle.

High School Football helmets from across the state of Washington

High School Football helmets from across the state of Washington

Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture the entire piece. Below is the plaque posted beneath the helmet display –


Both the Seahawks and Mariners fields are side-by-side and the stadiums seem to be very fan friendly with wide stairways, aisles, and concession areas. I say seemed, because we couldn’t actually get into the stadiums, but I did get to peek in through some temporary fencing and get some photos.

You can't go anywhere without seeing a 12th man flag waving. As it should be :-)

You can’t go anywhere without seeing a 12th man flag waving. As it should be :-)

Home of the 2014 Super Bowl Champions…

Home of the 12th Man

Home of the 12th Man – you can see the top of Mariners Field in the background

And that my friends is about all I have to report about the Seattle RV Show 2014. We are hoping to make it to the Big Show in Hersey, Pennsylvania one of these years. This year it’s happening on September 10th – 14th. You can click >> HERE << if you’re interested in more information.

Anyone else make it to the show in Seattle? Just wondering if I’m the only one who was a little disappointed. Let me know 🙂


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    • Ha! I could see why. It looked like Joe couldn’t fit in there alone let alone the two of us! But, if we could double hitch… ahhh… what a wonderful private office it would make for me. Hee Hee Hee

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