Semiahmoo Bay – Blaine, WA

We took advantage of the sunshine yesterday and strolled along the Semiahmoo Bay in Blaine, Washington.

Semiahmoo Bay, Blaine, WA

Semiahmoo Bay, Blaine, WA

That’s White Rock, Canada across the bay. Still no passports in hand, so traveling into Canada will have to wait for another day.

White Rock, Canada

White Rock, Canada

Semiahmoo Park has a great paved bike path as well as gravel trails along the peninsula that leads to The Resort and Marina. Drayton Harbor is to the east of the roadway.

Drayton Harbor, Blaine, Washington

Drayton Harbor, Blaine, Washington


It was hard to capture the brilliant red of these berries but they were so pretty against the blue of the harbor …



Semiahmoo Marina reflecting the setting sun …


The shadows started getting longer, so it was time to head back. The walk from the parking lot at The Cannery Lodge to the Semiahmoo Resort is about 1.25 miles, a perfect 2.5 mile stroll round trip. ๐Ÿ™‚


But not before I stopped to feed the “horse” … lol


This was one of the coolest dead trees we’ve seen. It sort of looked like Pegasus to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

20141123_155410ย Happy Monday folks!


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