StrongBack Camp Chair – A review

I know there are lot of folding camp chairs out there to choose from but I wanted to pass along a great one we found. The STRONGBACK Elite Camp Chair.  We’ve gone through a couple of different kinds of camp chairs over the years. I think we’ve all had a few folding bag chairs in our trunks or storage compartments at some point.

The problem with most folding bag chairs, for us anyway, is the weird position you find yourself in when trying to get out. Especially the ones with the footrest attached like these …


Golden Shore RV Resort, Long Beach, CA – October 2012

They’re comfortable, but somehow awkward. (Yes, perhaps it’s old age setting in… lol) They also don’t tend to hold up too long, getting more than two seasons was rare.

We’ve also had a couple types of the Zero Gravity chairs like these …

Salt Lake City KOA, Utah - May 2013

Salt Lake City KOA, Utah – May 2013

We’ve had these for two seasons now and they’re still holding up okay. They do have a little rust in spots from being in the salt air at the beach RV parks and they’re a bit faded from the sun, but still holding up fairly well. The problem with this type chair is the storage factor … they’re big and we have really limited space.

Now on to the STRONGBACK Elite Camp Chair  …


Pioneer Trails RV Resort, Anacortes, WA May 2014

I have several reasons for loving these chairs. First off, they were this year’s Valentine’s Day surprise from Mr. G. Romantic isn’t he? 😉

Okay, seriously though, they really are as strong as the name implies. They also have great lumbar support that we haven’t found in other bag style camp chairs. Besides the comfort and durability the chairs are still space-saving and storage friendly.


The bag has a choice of carrying options that make the chair easy to get to your favorite secluded spot or community campfire.


Or maybe the over the shoulder technique is more your style…


And of course if you’ve got to carry a cooler to your destination you’ve got a hands-free option as well …


We haven’t had any issues with the chairs yet. Granted it’s only been a little over two months but we don’t expect any problems. They just have that nice sturdy feel and assembly to them.

So, if you’re in the market for new camp chairs that won’t break the bank or fall apart after a season, I highly recommend these!

P.S. – Special thanks to Mr. G for walking the catwalk!! LoL

P.P.S. – Did you notice our awning … err … I mean what’s left of it? Yes, windstorm kicked up while we were out. Note to self – Never leave the awning out unattended!


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9 thoughts on “StrongBack Camp Chair – A review

  1. Hey Mr.G. Dan especially likes those pink boxes! Nice posses also. Lol. Thanks for the laughs. FLB

    • Ha! Don’t you love my pink Grizzly Coolers? Joe said I could get the pink ones because he figured nobody would steal them! They’re actually awesome, just like the Yetis.

  2. How much did you pay him to be your model?? Too funny. Our gravity chairs are looking pretty bleak, I must say. Where are you now??

    • Ha, it’s still costing me!! 😉 We are still in Anacortes but getting ready to hit the road on Tuesday. We’re heading south east … way south east. It’s looking like the Port Arthur, TX area. We’ll be leaving springtime in the cool, lush and pristine Pacific Northwest for the hot, muggy and buggy summer on the Gulf Coast. Yes, we tend to do things back-asswards from time to time. :-O

      • Ha! Ha! The weather’s the pits on the Island, I think bugs and sweaty hot would still be preferable.

  3. Ooh, I can’t believe you are leaving the cool pacific northwest to head to Texas. It is already 80 here in Georgia, I bet south Texas is in full summer by now. Ooops, sorry, not to rub it in…I am just jealous that you are on the road. 🙂

    • Ha! There just may be a reprieve in store for us. We should know for sure in a week or so. But for now we’re enjoying the scenic highway along the Columbia River in Oregon. Gorgeous! … and no bugs! LoL

      • Oh lucky you! We definitely have the Columbia River on our list. I am reminded that you are traveling on your husband’s job schedule…I will hope for that reprieve for you!

        • Thank you! Yes, we travel around his work schedule so we’ve sort of made a pact to see as much as we can see while we’re free! 🙂

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