Sunscreen Killed My Laptop

Vacation is over … it’s time to deal … flipping sunscreen killed my laptop.

But before we get to that, it’s Monday.  And not a happy gloating “look at all those poor schlubs heading off to work while we go exploring” kind of Monday. It’s time to deal.

Mr. G. is off to some meetings this morning so it’s time for me to get into my routine again. Yes, that means I’m back under the covers with my coffee. Don’t judge 😉 I’m also listening to the sound of snow plows cruising by. Yep, you read that right … Snow Plows! This just might be a two cup under the blankies kind of morning.


This was yesterday,  May 11th. Wait … what? Snow on Mother’s Day?  That’s a new one for me. I’ll be honest here, it was actually kind of cool. No pun intended. We managed to beat the storm into town and we were off the road before it started early Sunday morning. Good thing because it was white out conditions and Interstate 80 was closed for a good portion of the day.


After we got set up in the morning,  we took a drive into town to see what we could see. As you can see above … not too much! We did, however,  find a Red Box kiosk. We grabbed four movies, headed back home and spent the entire day being couch bed potatoes. It turned out to be a very relaxing day. A nice way to ease back into the real world … and start to deal.

Okay, here it goes … I’m going to say it out loud.

I. Broke. My. Laptop. Ugggggg!  🙁

How, you might ask?

Sheer carelessness on my part. We moved our rig to another spot in the same boondocking area last week. Because it was such a tiny move at literally about 5 mph, I didn’t do my post flight check overhead compartment drill. You know what I mean. Gingerly opening cabinet doors with one hand ready to catch whatever falls out.

Anyhoooo, sure enough something had shifted in one cabinet.  The one cabinet over the desk. The one cabinet directly over my work space. The one cabinet exactly over my opened and in-use laptop keyboard.

Don’t let them fool ya … sunblock kills.

This innocent looking can took my laptop out in one fell swoop.


At first I thought we had escaped injury … my laptop and me. But no such luck. After a minute or two of working on the post I had been putting together I tried to use Google Maps. I sat there watching the little “I’m working” indicator spin out of control for a few minutes, fear terror rising in me with every revolution until it finally gave up and said … “Unable to retrieve this app”.
Oh my f&%*@ng head! Are you kidding me???

Surely, if I just restart all will be well. So that’s what I did.

While I waited for my little buddy to come back to life I prayed and swore up and down to the laptop Gods that if they just let everything be okay I’d never open another cabinet over my desk again with moving my laptop out of the way … much like a drunk with her head in the toilet swearing she’ll never take another drink if she could just feel better now.

No such luck.  This is the fate the laptop Gods dealt me …


As a last ditch effort I tried to start with the “Assist” button and got as far as here …


But there was still no joy in Mudville that day …


Self and vacation preservation mode kicked in and I calmly shut down and carefully packed my little buddy away in his carrying case. That was over a week ago. Out of sight almost out of mind.

Still hoping for a miracle, like maybe the machine had somehow healed itself, (What? Stranger things have happened! ) I tried to start him this morning.

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Yes, I know it’s not the end of the world. But guess what? You know all the horror stories you hear about people losing monumentally important documents and such? It turns out I’m a statistic … of stupidity.

I think I backed most of my documents to my sky drive not too long ago. But, I have NEVER backed up ANY of the pictures I’ve taken with my phone.


That means every photo I’ve taken of our journey on the road over the past two and a half years is most likely gone. I say most likely because I’m still holding onto a shred of hope that some computer genius will be able to retrieve what’s on my hard drive. Could happed, right?

Until then, I’ll be using Mr. G’s laptop, or more likely my phone, which is what I’m using now to get posts out. At least I have those options … things could certainly be worse.

I’ll probably start looking for a computer service in the next day or two. Of course I will gladly take any positive energy,  good vibes, good luck and karma sent my way for a full recovery!

I guess that’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by at my pity party.

By the way, if anyone has any advice (other than backup, backup, backup) I’d love to hear it! Thanks 🙂