Stonehenge – Maryhill, Washington

Did you know there is a full-scale replica of Stonehenge situated above the Columbia River in Maryhill, Washington? I had no idea. You just never know what you’re going to come across when you don’t actually plan out the day’s adventure … just letting the good ole back roads lead the way. 🙂


Stonehenge, Maryhill, WA

Samuel Hill, a local entrepreneur and early advocate of building the good roads in Washington I mentioned earlier, commissioned the Maryhill Stonehenge in the early 20th century. Dedicated on July 4, 1918, the monument was the first in the United States to honor the dead of World War I; especially the soldiers from Klickitat County where the monument sits.


Apparently Mr. Hill, a Quaker pacifist, was misinformed about the intent and use of the original Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. He believed the original stone structure was used as a site for human sacrifice. Hence the inscription on the dedication plaque on the altar.

The inscription on the altar at Maryhill, Stonehenge

The inscription on the altar at Maryhill Stonehenge

The dedication plaque on this Washington Stonehenge is inscribed:

“In memory of the soldiers of Klickitat County who gave their lives in defense of their country. This monument is erected in the hope that others inspired by the example of their valor and their heroism may share in that love of liberty and burn with that fire of patriotism which death can alone quench.”

Here are a few various shots from in and around the monument …




The view of the Columbia River from the monument is spectacular …






We’ve been having a great time finding the “free things” to do on this boondocking excursion. Who says you have to spend a lot of dough to have a good time? 🙂

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