Top 5 RV Must-Haves … My List

It's the one thing we always have a back up container of!

It’s the one thing we always have a back up container of!

I read a post the other day on Facebook asking group members to list what their favorite must-have items for the RV are. I guess the longer you’re on the road the quicker your list of must-haves might be. We’ve only been on the road for a few years, so I suppose our list might be shorter than most. Or, perhaps we’re just learning that less is more. 😉

I think if you asked the hubby he would give you a slightly different list. Probably having to do with more technical things. But for now, here’s my list.

#5 The Crockpot – For our first 3 years on the road we didn’t have a working oven. So, using the crockpot was a must. I have to tell you though, I still use it more often than our convection oven for chicken breasts and pork tenderloin.

*By the way, if you’re going to use the crockpot grab some Slow Cooker Liners.
They make clean-up a breeze!*

#4 The Treager Smoker – This is a must for us because we use it for not only smoking but for grilling and even baking sometimes as well. The electronic temperature control works great and being able to get rid of the gas grill saves us some much-needed storage space.

#3 The Heated Hose – Although we do our best to stay out of areas where we need to worry about frozen water lines, every once in a while it’s inevitable. We’ve never had a problem while using this type of heated hose.

#2 Strongback Chairs – These chairs were a total surprise. We have a couple of zero gravity chairs as well. But the Strongbacks are super comfy and transportable. The carrying bag makes them easy to grab and take with you for an impromptu sunset with cocktails on the beach or to bring over to the community campfire in the park.

#1 Happy Camper Organic Black Tank Treatment – Hands down this is the BEST holding tank additive we have found! We’ve been using it for over a year and a half now and since starting we have never had any funky smells coming up from the bowl or coming from the sewer hose when we dump. Seeing as I’m usually the one doing the black tank dumping and rinsing this is a big deal for me! LoL Seriously, if you haven’t used this stuff yet give it a try. As you can see in the pic above, it is the one thing I always make sure we never run out of! LoL Simply said … It works!

What are your top five RV Must-Haves?


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7 thoughts on “Top 5 RV Must-Haves … My List

    • I’ll have to check that Mexico list out! I guess Passports would be the first thing on the list for us. LoL I’m thinking the question was posted either in the Full-time RVers group or maybe Nomadic Mommas. There’s lots of great stuff in both of those groups! 😀

      • Thanks, Wendy! We are leaving on our first retirement trip on our motorcycles on April 6th. We are going to TX for the month of April, then back home and renting an RV for a week in May. After that, we will know for sure if we are buying our own RV. 🙂

  1. Great list! Funny what’s important to one person isn’t so much for another… though I agree with the toilet odor stuff. We use a different brand, but having *something* to contain the scent is a definite must 🙂 I recently blogged about this topic as well, not long after we purchased a speaker to boost the sound in our Class C travel rig. (If you’re curious, you can find my list here:

    It did take awhile to get the right pots and pans — usable, but not too big or too small…. And we did decide to ditch a big salad bowl in our Class C and use a big pot for mixing greens… double purpose items are very good with limited space (our vacuum cleaner is also our haircutter…)

    Travel safe!

    • Thanks Ellen! Love your list of must haves. The micro-fiber towels is a great idea! I really need to make use of that one because I agree they are great! Safe travels to you too! 😀

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