Yesterday Was National Beer Day – Did you miss it?

I guess I can’t be the only one that didn’t realize yesterday was National Beer Day … can I be?

beer day


There’s something kind of heady about the days of prohibition, salacious even. The dark and smoky speakeasies with jazz flowing from the horns and flappers daring to show a little skin, bootleggers cruising through the woods trying to evade the fuzz in their Model Ts, with jars of moonshine jangling around in the rumble seat … good times. 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I’m truly happy that it’s not prohibited now!

We toasted the anniversary of the end of prohibition with a suitable ale … don’t you think?

21 Amendment Brewery

Brought to you from    21 Amendment Brewery

Not that we really need an excuse to have a cold one … but we’ll take one when we can get it. LoL

We’re getting ready to head out to another destination this weekend. Just a short trip down to the Tacoma area for the next project. This will be our first time in that neck of the woods so if you have any suggestions for a nice place to stay please let me know. Thanks!

I’m really going to miss Fidalgo Bay RV Resort. I’m already getting a little sad about leaving, which is not the norm. I’m usually ready for a change after a few weeks. But I have really become smitten with the place. The grounds, the locations, the views, the bike path … yep, I’ll be pining away until we can get back up here. I’ll put together a review in the next week or so for you guys.

Another thing we’re going to miss, shockingly enough, is one of the breweries in Mt. Vernon. The Skagit River Brewery has turned into our “spot” for when we have to go into the Burlington area, about a half hour trip east from Anacortes.


Cheers from Skagit River Brewery

Cheers from Skagit River Brewery

The place is very cozy and the staff members have always been friendly and attentive. There are several choices from a healthy hearty salad to your usual pub fair with a few comfort food specialties like shepherd’s pie and lamb stew in the mix as well. They also have a smoker going out back, so if you can’t find the sign just stop and smell the air for the scent of succulent beef and pork smoking away to perfection.

Credit TripAdvisor

Credit TripAdvisor

Then of course, there are the beers. 🙂

20150405_111758 (1)

Somewhere along the line our palates matured and we’re now drawn to … dare I say … real beer?? Quite an evolution seeing as we were die-hard Coors Lite drinkers just a  year or so ago. LoL Now our sophisticated taste buds prefer the taste of something a little bolder and full-bodied. Joe had even developed a love of the hoppier IPAs.

I usually opt for the Skagit Brown Ale here and Joe’s had the Farm to Market Ale, Scullers IPA and the Cold Beer Pilsner just for fun. They were all great!

Skagit Brown Ale in the forefront, Farm to Market Ale in the back.

Skagit Brown Ale in the forefront, Farm to Market Ale in the back.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can get back up this way to enjoy our favorite little brewery. But for now I guess I better start looking for a few to check out around Tacoma.

Don’t forget, I’m open to any suggestions for an RV park in that area as well. Drop me a line if you know of one.

Oh Yes, one more thing … If you’re into Beer Travel and haven’t checked the kids from  The Society of Beer Travelers out yet and gotten your Beer Passport, get on over there. 🙂

Yes! You too can get this awesome beer society swag!!



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One thought on “Yesterday Was National Beer Day – Did you miss it?

  1. First of all, look at you, you certainly look deserving of a brew or two. It sure is funny to see you Coors Lite kids enjoy good beer. You know i was always a brown ale girl. New castle was a staple for me for years. It has now been seven years since i have enjoyed a nice cold New Castle or Samuel Smiths nut brown. (Mmmm.) I have to share with you my new “go to” brew. Since i can longer enjoy those brews due to a barley allergy, i have found one gluten-free brew i enjoy. For anyone who is missing a nice cold brew every now and then I have enjoyed Dogfish Head Tweason Ale. Its very refreshing and, in my opinion, one of the better gluten-free brews. Of course it is not a brown ale (New Castle has been described as a double-barley malt) but it fills the void every now and then. Cheers! FLB

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